Sill Treatment and Jamb Liners

Sill Treatment and Jamb Liners

Sill Wrap and Bottom Bulb Seal Retainer

These components work together to stabilize any deteriorating fabric in the sill as well as protect it from further degradation. In addition, they work together to create a smooth and flat surface to which the bottom rail can seal when the window is closed. 

Yet another advantage of the Bulb Seal Retainer is that it requires the removal of approx. 1/4" of material from the bottom of the bottom rail, which is something that is often necessary anyway. The Bulb Seal Retainers makes up for the material removed and combined with its counterpart in the head, can facilitate removal of up to 1/2" without affecting the window height.

Applying the Sill Wrap 
and Bulb Seal Retainer

While it's very hard to illustrate, properly caulking and flashing the Jamb Liner / Sill Wrap Joint is crucial to the system longevity. As you can see in your extant jambs, the joint at which the jamb lands on the sill is likely the most deteriorated portion of your window and if it's not now, sooner or later it will cause problems. So therefore, we've devised a system that makes those joints invincible.

Using Flashing to Make a Perfect Joint

By laying down some caulk on the sill, then embedding the flashing (thin aluminum bent at 90 degrees) into the caulk, we've created a good joint. By putting more caulk atop the flashing, then embedding the sill wrap into that, we've made a good joint better. Then by caulking and fastening the bottom of the Jamb Liner to the vertical portion of the flashing, we've made the joint impregnable.