Jamb Liners and Fin Pile

Key Elements -  Fin Pile Carriers and Jamb Liners

Vertical Weather-Stripping 
and Jamb Liners

Two of the primary elements of the entire system are the "Jamb Liners" and the "Fin Pile Carriers". Using a carrier is merely a method of ensuring the Fin Pile is properly positioned and stays where it's put. The Jamb Liner ensures precise positioning of the sash, correct compression ratios on the Fin Pile and weather protection for the lower extremities of the jamb. The Carrier is necessary because the weather-stripping needs to be as close to the edges of the sash as possible. Unfortunately wood, particularly very old wood, is extremely brittle and milling for the weather-stripping as close to the edges of the sash as is necessary is not prudent. The slightest bump would break off the edge. Therefore we use Carriers. This allows us to position the weather-stripping extremely close to the edges without the risk of ruining the sash.

Fin-Pile weather-stripping for sliding and gliding applications

Fin-Pile weather-stripping (pictured with blue background above) is the industry standard for sliding/gliding applications in contemporary windows. The fin makes a seal to eliminate air-infiltration, while the pile provides insulation value and keeps the fin in place. The "Fin Pile Carrier" pictured in blue above and below, has only one function - to keep the fin-pile weather stripping in proper position and ensure proper compression on the weather-stripping. The Carrier assembly is mounted to both edges of the sash to form two perfect seals that totally eliminate air infiltration around the sash. As a bonus, the assembly makes operating the sash whisper quiet and smooth as silk.

Jamb Liner for positioning and protection

The Jamb Liner (yellow above) has two purposes. First, by placing it against the fixed position blind stop, then bumping the interior stop to the Jamb Liner when re-installing, it insures a precise 3.25" width between the stops. This in turn centers the Fin Pile Carriers and ensures the exact amount of compression is exerted on the Fin-Pile weather-stripping. With the Carriers centered on the sash, everything is then perfectly positioned to seal correctly and operate properly. 

The other significant function of the Jamb Liner is to protect the very vulnerable lower jamb sides. The bottom 1" - 2" of the jambs on either side are often deteriorated due to moisture. The Jamb Liners, working in conjunction with the Sill Wraps and flashing protect, the jamb fabric from moisture to prevent further damage. Furthermore, if the fabric is properly dried prior to applying the Jamb Liners, remediation of rot is not usually necessary since the Jamb Liner will span and cover the few inches of bad wood.